Art Dealer Accused of Selling Millions in Fakes Busted
Jose Carlos Bergantinos Diaz is wanted in the US for fraud.
Putin 'Hopes' He Won't Have to Send Troops Into Eastern Ukraine
Putin says he believes Obama would save him if he were drowning.
Oscar Pistorius' Own Expert Witness Contradicts Him
Pistorius' murder trial is adjourned for two weeks.
Chinese Police Begin Carrying Guns During Patrols
Chinese police begin carrying guns on patrols after slashings blamed on Xinjiang separatists
Troubled History Fuels Japan-China Tension
Japan-China tensions point to legacy of troubled history kept alive by rival monuments
Why Are Americans Obsessed With Missing Plane?
Americans love a good mystery, and missing Malaysian jet has the drama to keep people hooked
Troubled History Fuel Japan-China Tension
Japan-China tensions point to legacy of troubled history kept alive by rival monuments
Sub Search for Missing Jet Two-Thirds Complete
Another Malaysian plane makes emergency landing as sub search for missing jet wears on
Sherpas Consider Boycott After Everest Disaster
Sherpas consider boycott after Everest disaster as funerals planned for 13 dead
Group Concerned for Activist Missing in Thailand
Human Rights Watch calls on Thailand to investigate disappearance of environmental activist
SKorean President: Ferry Crew Actions 'Murderous'
SKorean president calls actions of sunken ferry's captain, some crew 'unforgivable, murderous'
Day in Pictures: 4/18/14
Images from across the globe: Good Friday, Commander In Chief Trophy, Jesus Yacente Brotherhood, Funeral In India
Rabbi Details Moment When Anti-Semitic Flyers Were Left at Synagogue
Rabbi Pinchas Vishedski discusses anti-Semitic flyers handed out at the Donetsk Synagogue.
Mexico Earthquake Hits With 7.2 Magnitude
The quake in central and southern Mexico resulted in falling debris and panicked people in the streets.
Anti-Semitic Leaflets Tell Jewish Citizens in Ukraine to Register or Be Deported
Tensions rise as pro-Russian militia in Donetsk reject U.S.-Russia brokered peace deal.
South Korea Ferry: Hope Dwindling for Families, Friends
Loved ones wait for news three days after a ferry loaded with high school students sank.
271 Still Missing in South Korea Ferry Sinking
Search and rescue teams battle strong currents and inclement weather in the search for survivors.
The Wrap: 4/17/14
Ferry captain among First to abandon ship, diplomats urge end to Ukraine violence, Anniversary of West Texas explosion.
Day in Pictures: 4/17/14
Images from across the globe: Obama Welcomes Wounded Warriors, Maundy Thursday Ritual in Philippines, Hamas Military...
The Scene of the Worst Violence So Far in Ukraine
ABC News' Alex Marquardt reports from Mariupol where protests turned violent.
South Korean Ferry Disaster: The Calls for Help
Boston Marathon Security Plans; Royal Easter: Prince George's First Easter
GMA 4/20: Hillary Clinton's Presidential Prospects Meets Chelsea's Pregnancy
Meth Lab Found in Million-Dollar Mansion; Fishermen Reel in Giant Mako Shark
20/20 4/18: The Moochers
Workers Claim Thousands of Dollars in False Injury Claims; Celebrities and Their Freeloading Friends and Family
Nightline 4/17: Why Married Women Cheat
Into the World of 'Bears'; She's Expecting! Chelsea Clinton Announces Pregnancy