Royal Couple Takes a Break From Royal Tour

After Surprising One Town, Will and Kate Steal Time For Themselves

Onlookers watched Prince William and Kate Middleton in awe Wednesday as the newlyweds spent what was supposed to be a day off, lifting spirits in the fire-ravaged town of Slave Lake in Alberta, Canada.

Even though the northern community was not on the official itinerary, the royal couple hoped to bring smiles to a town where more than 400 homes and businesses were lost to a forest fire in May.

"[Kate Middleton] wanted to make sure that the attention wasn't on her, the attention was on us," Kyle Paulson, a volunteer firefighter who lost the home that he and his wife raised their three children in, told the Toronto Star.

William and Kate did get some quiet time during their whirlwind tour Tuesday at Eagle Lake -- often called Honeymoon Lake -- to watch the midnight sunset.

The couple reportedly spent another evening alone on Wednesday night, after leaving Slave Lake, this time at the picturesque Lake Louise. According to The Associated Press, William and Kate spent a little one-on-one time together at Skoki Lodge in Banff National Park.

"We've seen I think probably the most romantic side to Prince William that we've ever seen," Katie Nicholl, an ABC News contributor and author of 'The Making of a Royal Romance' said. "He's suddenly just pulled out these romantic gestures and he whisked Kate away."

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