'Unroyal' Hug Sets Will and Kate Apart

Royal Couple Take Part in Competitions, Meet With Fans

While most of the royal tour has been highly scripted, with each handshake and moment planned down to the finest detail, some warm moments between Prince William and Kate Middleton have made headlines throughout their trip through North America.

A brief embrace between the charming couple caused a stir among the crowds of people attending the royal events. It didn't seem like much, but for members of the British royal family, it was an unusual display of public affection.

"There's an old way of doing things, but William is going to do things his own way," said Arthur Edwards, the royal photographer for Britain's Sun newspapers.

The royal squeeze came moments after Prince William and Kate went head-to-head in a dragon boat race Monday on Dalvay Lake on Prince Edward Island. It initially looked as though Kate's team might win, but William's crossed the finish line first.

Some of the people in the crowd seemed disappointed by the Prince's win. Throughout the first five days of the trip, the cameras have been focused almost entirely on Kate. What she wears seems to make bigger news than anything William says.

The duchess donned skinny black jeans and a fleece pullover on the waterfront where Prince William, 29, seemed to command some attention of his own.

In a display of his piloting skills, the prince landed a Canadian Sea King helicopter on the lake more than a dozen times.

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