Santorum: Obama's World View 'Phony'

Rick Santorum sought to clarify and contextualize his charge that President Obama operated under a " phony theology," saying today that he was not suggesting the president was not a Christian. Santorum said he was condemning Obama's "world view" not his religion.

"I accept the fact that the president is a Christian," Santorum said on CBS' "Face the Nation." "But when you have a world view that elevates the earth above man and says we can't take those resources because its going to harm the Earth, it's just all an attempt to centralize power and give more power to the government."

Santorum said that while Obama believes "man is here to serve the Earth," he believes "Earth is not the objective. Man is the objective."

The rising GOP presidential candidate also said that Obama is promoting abortion by forcing insurance companies to provide co-pay-free pre-natal testing under the new health care law.

Santorum said that because the "purpose" of the test is to "identify deformities," it leads to more abortions because more often than not doctors recommend that parents terminate the pregnancy if the child is disabled.

"Almost 100 percent of Trisomy 18 children are encouraged to be aborted, so I know what I'm talking about," Santorum, whose daughter has the genetic and often fatal disorder Trisomy 18, said after a heated exchange with host Bob Schieffer.

Scheiffer asked Santorum if he thought the Obama policy discriminated against people with disabilities by trying to prevent them from being born.

"I think the president has a very bad record on abortion and children who are disabled in the womb and are a continuation of that," the former Pennsylvania senator said.

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