Matthew Fox Spoofs Mitt Romney on 'Kimmel'
PHOTO: Actor Matthew Fox spoofs Republican presidential candidate on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

During an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Matthew Fox gave fans a sneak peek at his newest project in which he stars as Mitt Romney. But don't get too excited because the film is just a spoof.

The "Lost" star and Kimmel kept straight faces Thursday as they unveiled a trailer for the faux Lifetime film, "Mitt Romney and the Dockers of Destiny," in which Fox is dressed as the presidential candidate. Kimmel described Fox's "latest project" as a biopic.

"I kind of like playing things that are based on real people," Fox said before showing the trailer.

"Great lives are defined by great choices. Great leaders are born of great struggles," the trailer says before showing Fox decked out as Romney.

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