'Bronco Bamma' Tot Happy Post-Election

Youtube/Elizabeth Evans

Abigael Evans, the crying four-year-old also known as 'Bronco Bamma' girl, has wiped away her tears now that the election is over. It seems that she is happy with the results, or perhaps just happy that the whole thing is over.

"Guess what?" Elizabeth Evans, mother of Abigael, asks her daughter in a newly uploaded YouTube video. "The election is over."

"Who's going to be the president?" the precocious four-year-old girl inquires.

"Bronco…" Abigael's mother prompts her.

"Bamma" Abigael finishes followed by an enthusiastic, "Yayyyyy!"

Evans said that she posted the second video to show her daughter in a good mood.

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"I got a lot of flak from people for posting the first YouTube video so I thought it would be good to just put up another video of her happy and in a good mood rather than responding directly to the criticism."

"I wanted to show her again and show everyone how cute she is…I wanted to show her in a good mood. She rarely cries," said Evans.

Last month, a video of the tot tearfully telling her mother she was "tired" of both presidential candidates, became a viral video sensation. The clip has over 15 million views on YouTube since it was posted Oct. 30.

"[Abigael] talks about Mitt Romney and Barack Obama all the time," her mother told ABC News after the first video became popular. "She always says that Obama is the president and that Mitt Romney is a bad guy who just wants money and wants to be the president."

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