The Startup Chef: Tech Leaders Share Delicious Recipes in E-Cookbook
PHOTO: The cover of The Startup Chef, a cookbook with recipes from tech industry leaders.

A pinch of HTML, a dash of C++. You'd think that might be the secret recipes of some of the most successful tech leaders. But, as it turns out, the founder of WordPress, the CEO of Spotify, the founder of Foursquare and lots of other Silicon Valley leaders, journalists and investors all have some secret cooking recipes up their apron sleeves.

And starting today you get them in an e-book called "The Startup Chef." Complied by YouTube's Hunter Walk and ABC News' Maya Baratz, the book includes over 75 recipes from some of the most noted tech leaders. There's Matt Mullenweg's (the founder of WordPress) "Eggs a la Matt," Randi Zuckerberg's (yes, the sister of Mark Zuckerberg) "Eggnog cinnamon chip scones" and Dave Gilboa (the CEO of Warby Parker) "Mormor's Swedish Pancakes."

There's also a recipe for a chocolate iPhone and "Hamburger Cookies." And if you're worried about just getting amateur chefs, noted chef Michael Mina has thrown in two recipes as well.

But the book has a greater purpose than just to allow Silicon Valley's greatest to show off their moves in the kitchen.

"The book is about allowing the community to come together to cook a great meal, but also help those who need one," Baratz said. All proceeds of the book go to charities, including Share Our Strength and the Rockaway Plate Lunch Project from Waves for Water. The suggested donation for the book is $20; the minimum is $10.

The e-book will be available today in a number of e-book formats such as ePub, Mobi and PDF files. You will be able to download it to your Kindle, iPad, tablet, laptop, etc., today from Baratz and Walk's next big meal? A printed book.

Disclosure : Maya Baratz is a product executive at ABC News. The author of this article, Joanna Stern, contributed a stellar meatball recipe to the cookbook.

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