Sheen's Advice to Grandchild: 'Drive a Nice Car'

A surprisingly well-mannered Charlie Sheen visited "Good Morning America" this morning to discuss several new ventures in his career, as well as personal life, in light of his very public meltdown in 2011.

Sheen, 47, says he's now "getting it all back together" with the release of a new film, "The Last Glimpse of Charles Swan III," the second season of his television show "Anger Management," and the most important new role in his life, becoming a grandfather.

Sheen's oldest daughter, Cassandra Estevez, 28, is expecting her first child, and the notoriously bad boy actor couldn't be more excited to take on the new responsible role.

"You can see the gray hairs sprouting?" Sheen joked. "I'm very excited. It's one of those things you always think about, and then it happens. It's got to be somebody else's life. It's very cool."

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When asked if he had any advice for his new grandchild on the way, his answer was simple: "Drive a nice car."

Sheen also admitted how ready he is to get back to the big screen rather than just being a television actor, saying, "It's how people came to know me. It's good to get back to basics."

He's starring alongside Bill Murray in the new movie, "The Last Glimpse of Charles Swan III," due out in limited release Feb. 8.

"It's about love lost and why that happens and the mystery behind it. It's a lot of things I can relate to," Sheen said. "It was an opportunity to play a character and not have to squeeze it into 22 minutes. It was good and I hope people are receptive of it."

But apparently Sheen's audience is extremely receptive of his role as a therapist in "Anger Management," as it's the highest rated comedy show on cable.

"I'm very flattered and grateful for that," said Sheen. "To come out of what I came out of and have this opportunity is incredible."

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Although he says working on the show is the most fun he's ever had in show business, he admits he is still dealing with a few real-life anger management issues on set.

"There's actually a door on our set that has a hole in it that I punch through. I punched a hole in the door because I couldn't get a line one day and I was so frustrated. Of course the only damage on our set is done by the therapist. It's good to get that stuff out, just not towards people," Sheen explained.

But despite that, his personal life is definitely on the upswing. Sheen announced on "GMA Live" that he is indeed dating a new "goddess," which he reiterated is a singular word this time, since there is only one love interest in his life as opposed to his infamous "goddesses" of years past.

"There's one, yes. Jones. She's fabulous, we're having a ball," Sheen said.

The Jones to which he is referring is Georgia Jones, 24, who is reportedly a porn star.

Sheen jokingly told ABC News' Elizabeth Vargas "The rest of your day must feel like a yawn," after interviewing him.

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