Bynes Shows Off New Cheek Piercing
PHOTO: Amanda Bynes posted a new picture on her tumblr page of her new cheek piercing.


Amanda Bynes is in the spotlight again. This time she's showing off a new look.

Bynes shared photos on her Tumblr Jan. 14 of a new piercing in her left cheek. The 26-year-old sported bleach blonde hair, oversized sunglasses and a bright blue shirt. Bynes captioned the photo with a simple smiley face.

The "Easy A" star has stayed relatively quiet since her reckless behavior last year. The former child star was charged with a DUI last June, two counts of hit-and-run in September and two separate charges of driving with a suspended license. She was also photographed in her car smoking what looked like a pipe.

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Last fall, Bynes moved to New York to start a fashion line, she told People magazine. She also insisted that she doesn't drink.

"I am doing amazing," Bynes said. "I am retired as an actor. I am moving to New York to launch my career."

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