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PHOTO: ABC News George Will, ABC News Cokie Roberts, ABC News Political Analyst and Political Strategist Matthew Dowd, Current TVs "The War Room" Host and (D) Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, (R) Former Pennsylvania Senator, 2012 Republican

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Below are some of the notable comments made Sunday on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos." Guests included ABC News' George Will and Cokie Roberts; political strategist and ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd; former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, host of Current TV's "The War Room"; and 2012 Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, chair of Patriot Voices.


1. Roberts says more women in the Senate may ease passage of Assault Weapons Ban ROBERTS: The assault weapons ban is obviously a huge problem, and that's what most people are pushing back against, although it is interesting, with the increased number of women in Congress, that it might have a better shot. In 1994, 29 percent of Republican men voted for the assault weapons ban and almost 70 percent of Republican women. So you could see a difference because of that.

2. Santorum tells Republicans to 'stick to our guns' SANTORUM: Oh, I think we should stick to our guns….I think it's an even more important issue for people today, given the increasing level of violence in our society, people feel unsafe. And having a gun and gun ownership is part of how people can feel safer.

3. Granholm grills Santorum on his opposition to restrictions on armor-piercing bullets GRANHOLM: Why not armor-piercing bullets? Why do you need that?

SANTORUM: Because - because we're talking about a particular type of bullet that - that is - is and can be available to…

GRANHOLM: Deer don't wear armor. Why do you need an armor-piercing bullet?

SANTORUM: But criminals could. And having - having…

GRANHOLM: And police officers certainly do.

SANTORUM: … the ability to defend - having the ability to defend yourself is something that is a right in our country.

4. Dowd calls the GOP a 'cult of no personality' DOWD: The Republicans are basically now a cult of no personality and no people, and they're going to have to figure out. And so each day goes forward, I think we're going to have an increasing inability for somebody to stand up and say, "I represent what the Republicans are."

5. Santorum blames Obama's 'sore winner' attitude for partisanship SANTORUM: I mean, listen to that language. I mean, Republicans extend an olive branch. "Ah, they're caving. Ah, we got them." That's not how a leader acts….the president's a sore winner. Republicans understand that. And this president could get immigration done. He could get something done on deficits and entitlements, but he's got to move his people to do that, instead of forcing Republicans always to come his way. And that's the problem.

6. Santorum resists support of path to citizenship for illegal immigrants GRANHOLM: Immigration is going to be first up….The real question is, will there be a consensus on a path to citizenship? … SANTORUM: When you look back, Governor, there are 20 issues on immigration, and you just nailed the hardest one.


SANTORUM: And you're saying, OK, there's - you're only serious about doing something on immigration if you concede on the one that is the most difficult to occur.

GRANHOLM: So are you saying that won't - that won't be part of it?

SANTORUM: I think it is the toughest issue for Republicans…

7. Will suggests Republicans move to the left of Obama on immigration WILL: But here's where the Republicans are already setting themselves up for defeat. The president offers X. The Rubio program is X minus Y. All anyone is going to notice is the Y, that is, the failure to reach citizenship. So if the Republicans want to do this, they have to get to the left, if you will. They have to be more generous on immigration than the president.

8. Will asks, 'Who is innocent?' in sports WILL: The rewards of athletic excellence in this country are astonishingly high, and therefore the temptation to cheat is astonishingly high. It's a pandemic problem. And the country is wide awake to it now. Every time this happens, someone says, "Ah, the loss of innocence." Who is innocent…

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