Paul Ryan: 10 Year Balanced Budget
PHOTO: House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan leaves a Republican caucus on Capitol Hill in Washington, Jan. 1, 2013.

Jacquelyn Martin/AP Photo

House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan is working on a budget that a spokesman says will balance in 10 years, according to a spokesman.

"Chairman Ryan looks forward to working with his colleagues to draft a responsible budget by the April 15 deadline. He hopes last week's agreement helps spur action by his Senate counterparts to do the same," Budget Committee spokesman Will Allison said. "With the right reforms put in place, Chairman Ryan's goal is to advance a budget that balances within a decade."

House Republicans have hammered President Obama and their Democratic adversaries for failing to pass a budget since 2009, when Democrats controlled both the House and Senate. Since then, the government has been funded by temporary measures, known as "continuing resolutions," that have upheld previous funding levels and budgetary guidelines since fall of 2010.

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