'Girls' Reality Show in the Works
PHOTO: Lena Dunham on the season 2 premiere of the HBO series, "Girls".

Jessica Miglio/HBO

We could have seen this coming: a production company is seeking real life " Girls" for a reality TV series based on HBO's hit sitcom "Girls."

The self-proclaimed "Emmy-winning" production company, posted an ad on New York's Craigslist last week, requesting "well educated and cultured extroverts."

"The real life television show we are making follows the trials and tribulations of an ensemble of wise-beyond-their-years young ladies. We are with you living the dream in hipster Brooklyn and lower Manhattan," the ad reads. "Are you thinking about that show-"Girls?" Well we didn't say it but. . ..now that you mention it."

In the HBO sitcom, created by Lena Dunham, Dunham and her friends play approximations of themselves, but perhaps that's not real enough.

The show, which recently won two Golden Globes for best comedy series and for best comedy actress, Dunham, was criticized early on for its lack of non-white characters. Perhaps in response, Donald Glover has been cast in the show's second season as a black Republican who dates Dunham's character.

Still, it's not clear whether the reality show will cast a much wider net than the sitcom. Take a look at the full ad below or click here :


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