'Mad Men' Set to Return for Season 6
PHOTO: Roger Sterling (John Slattery), Don Draper (Jon Hamm), Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) and Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) pose for AMCs tv show Mad Men, Season 6.

(Image Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC)

In anticipation of the Season 6 premiere of "Mad Men," the show has released stunning black and white photographs of Don Draper and the gang.

AMC recently confirmed that the award-winning 1960s Madison Avenue drama will kick off Sunday, April 7, with a two-hour premiere. Like the new black-and-white promotional photos, the season premiere will be different from past ones.

"This year it's really constructed like a film," creator Matthew Weiner told Entertainment Weekly Wednesday. "It is its own story and, hopefully, it foreshadows the rest of the season. … You should know what happened at the end of last season before you see the episode. The whole season is in reference to last season."

(Image Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC)

A quick review of where Season 5 left off:

Jon Hamm's Don Draper, newly married to secretary-turned-actress Megan Draper (Jessica Paré), seemed poised to return to his adulterous ways after a pretty woman approached him with, "Are you alone?"

His ex-wife, Betty Francis, played by January Jones, was on the verge of a breakthrough in her relationship with teenage daughter Sally Draper (Kiernan Shipka).

Now at a rival ad agency, Peggy Olson, played by Elizabeth Moss, was last seen alone in a hotel room, toasting her success after landing a high-profile tobacco account in Virginia.

Christina Hendricks' Joan Harris, now divorced and a single mom, has just won a partnership at the firm after agreeing to sleep with a Jaguar executive to secure the account for the agency.

(Image Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC)

Weiner told EW that after examining Draper from the outside, the audience will get a more internal view of the man and his motivations. Asked whether Don will return to his old cheating ways, Weiner wasn't giving away much.

"Megan's independence was really a disappointment for him," he said. "It really changed his fantasy of what that relationship would be. Is he threatened by it? Is that the thing that drives him to be unfaithful? I don't know."

With the series' ending looming and only 26 episodes and two seasons remaining, Weiner said, "We've been taking advantage of the 26 episodes we have left to do all the things that we've wanted to do, and so far I think that the audience is in for quite a ride."

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