Stars Strip Off Makeup for W Magazine
PHOTO: Nicole Kidman

What do Kristen Stewart, Nicole Kidman, and Marion Cotillard look like without the gloss? Check out the photos below. The leading ladies and a whole bunch of other stars went natural for the latest issue of W magazine.

Kristen Stewart. Credit: Juergen Teller/W magazine.

Marion Cotillard. Credit: Juergen Teller/W magazine.

They also opened up about poignant acting experiences. "The first part I played was in the Nativity play at school," Kidman said. "I auditioned for an angel and didn't get it. I auditioned for Mary and didn't get it. So I made up the character of the sheep who sat next to the baby Jesus. I wore a calico head thing that my mom made, and I bleated through the whole thing and got my first laugh. And that was it-I was hooked."

Nicole Kidman. Credit: Juergen Teller/W magazine.

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