What the 'Bqhatevwr' Did Scott Brown Tweet?


What do politicians do after losing their re-election bids? Take to Twitter, of course. Former Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts has been doing just that.

Brown has been tweeting about his everyday life post-politics, posting blurbs about house chores, football, and his family, but Brown's tweets are somewhat less refined than those tweeted by his skilled staffers when he was serving in Congress.

On his verified Twitter account on Friday morning, the former senator tweeted about seeing his daughter, Ayla perform at Pejamajo Café in Holliston.

"Yes. Get ready." The tweet read, but without the finesse of Brown's tweeting staff, one of his followers misunderstood the message.

"Oh we are. You have no idea how ready #MaPoli is to vote to keep you in the private sector & out of #MASen" @MattinSomerville tweeted back.

Brown responded with a series of three tweets delivered after midnight.

"Your brilliant Matt," he first tweeted.

"Whatever," followed.

And finally Brown tweeted, "Bqhatevwr."

Though he deleted his tweets, "Bqhatevwr" trended on Twitter nearly as quickly as #eastwooding.

The trending typo drew both bipartisan support and mockery. Some taunted the former senator for his late night slip-up, creating Internet memes and "Bqhatevwr" quips, while others defended Brown, saying that he is just an average Joe who committed a typical Twitter faux pas.

But what most Twitter enthusiast failed to recognize what that Brown's first "Your brilliant" tweet was grammatically incorrect, too.

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