Obama Plus Minimum Wage, Carryout BBQ in NC
PHOTO: Barack Obama speaks to workers and guests

President Barack Obama speaks to workers and guests at the Linamar Corporation plant in Arden, N.C., Feb. 13, 2013, as he travels after delivering his State of the Union address the night before. (Chuck Burton/AP Photo)

Update at 3:26 p.m. ET -

Obama got his ribs after all. While the President did not stop by the 12 Bones BBQ joint, as he suggested during his speech in Asheville, a White House official told the traveling press pool that White House staffers picked up barbecue "for the President and staff to enjoy on the way back to Washington, DC."

ASHEVILLE - After steering clear of North Carolina for most of the 2012 campaign, President Obama today held up the Tar Heel state has a poster child for his economic vision and "signs of solid progress" that developed during his first term.

Reprising the themes of his State of the Union address, Obama touted a resurgence in American manufacturing jobs and calling for steps to keep the trend going: expanding manufacturing institutes across the states; reform the corporate tax code; and boost worker training to match them with open high-skilled jobs.

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