Trump can't block people from his Twitter account, judge rules
Trump can't block people from his Twitter account, judge rules
Oscars 2013 Social Media Moments: Jennifer Lawrence, Adele and Michelle Obama
PHOTO: Actress Jennifer Lawrence falls after winning the Best Actress award for "Silver Linings Playbook" during the Oscars held at the Dolby Theatre on Feb. 24, 2013 in Hollywood.

Image credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

While Hollywood's greatest gathered tonight in the Dolby Theater for the 85th Academy Awards, we'd like to think we gathered in an equally as glamorous place - the Internet. Like any other big nationally televised event, the masses took to Twitter and Facebook to share their thoughts and excitement on everything from Seth MacFarlane's snarky and racy jokes to the jaw-dropping musical acts. Over the course of the night there were over 8.9 million tweets about the big show (2.1 million during the red carpet and 6.8 million during the awards show).

Here were some of the biggest moments.

Seth MacFarlane led the show and much of the conversation on Twitter and Facebook. However, unfortunately for him, the conversation wasn't all that positive. While some of his jokes went off well, others fell short for viewers, especially the one about Lincoln.

You know it's a bad night when the only comedian defending Seth MacFarlane on Twitter is Dennis Miller @ dennisdmz.…

— (@Salon) February 25, 2013

Buzzfeed tweeted "Funny joke, Seth" with this photo:

Funny joke, Seth

— BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) February 25, 2013

MacFarlane joke that didn't land well: "The actor who really got inside Lincoln's head was John Wilkes Booth."

— NYT Movies (@NYTMovies) February 25, 2013

Reviews, however, for Jennifer Hudson, Adele and Barbra Streisand couldn't have been better. According to Facebook and Twitter, Adele, though was the most popular on social media. There were 82,300 tweets per minute during Adele's performance and on Facebook her performance of "Skyfall" was the top Oscar moment.

.@ barbrastreisand singing on the #Oscars stage for the first time in 36 years!

— Katie Couric (@katiecouric) February 25, 2013

Hold on, Y'all… Jennifer Hudson #Diva #Alert

— LeVar Burton (@levarburton) February 25, 2013

Why do awards shows even have hosts? Just get Jennifer Hudson and Adele to sing ballads while people hand out awards

— Sorry I'm Not Sorry (@SororityProblem) February 25, 2013

Those artists didn't get the new "Jaws" music treatment but for those that did…

The Jaws music cut-off for long-winded acceptance speeches is the greatest addition to awards ceremonies ever. I'd add real sharks.

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) February 25, 2013

And they say I'm mean. That jaws music was brutal.

— Howard Stern (@HowardStern) February 25, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence, however, didn't need the "Jaws" music to take her down. According to Twitter, there were 71,600 tweets during her win, many of which were about her fall. And, of course, Buzzfeed captured her falling moment in a GIF:

And then finally, the winner of the night: Michelle Obama presenting the award for best picture to Argo. According to Twitter, this was the biggest moment of the night with 85,300 tweets during the best picture announcement.

I loved Michelle Obama in django.

— Chris Rock (@chrisrock) February 25, 2013

That was actually Daniel Day Lewis playing Michelle Obama. #Oscars

— KQ (@kristenq) February 25, 2013

The only real surprise at the Oscars … Michelle Obama.

— TMZ (@TMZ) February 25, 2013

And we will leave you with Gawker's GIF:

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