Biden Tells Hunters No Need for Semi-Automatic Rifles

Vice President Joe Biden told hunters Wednesday there's no bear too big, no varmint too small that requires the use of a semiautomatic rifle when hunting.

"If you have to go up into the Poconos and go bear hunting or deer hunting with that weapon, and you need a clip that has 30 rounds in it, then you shouldn't be hunting," Biden said in an interview with Field & Stream magazine released Wednesday. "You're a danger to yourself. If you can't get the bear or the deer in four or five shots, you've got a problem."

Earlier in the day, Biden delivered a similar comment when he spoke to the National Association of Attorneys General, but that time mentioned varmints.

"I was told, 'No, we need it for those little varmints.' OK, I got it. More muskrat and mice might be alive. OK. I think we can put up with that," Biden said at the luncheon. "Guys, these arguments!"

Biden shared a bit of advice on self defense last week when he suggested people should "Buy a shotgun!" if they want to protect themselves in the home.

In the administration's latest push to take its gun proposals to the public, the vice president answered questions submitted by hunters in the interview with Field & Stream magazine. Last week, he took questions during an online forum with Parents magazine.

Biden's interview was the first in Field & Stream's series of interviews on gun control. The next interview will feature Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president and CEO of the National Rifle Association.

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