Hot Plane Sends Passengers to Hospital

A Qantas flight on the way to the Pacific island of Lord Howe was forced to return to Sydney Monday after the plane overheated, according to local media reports.

Two passengers were taken to the hospital, while others were treated for heat exposure at the airport, according to The Australian. A spokeswoman for the airline told The Australian the plane was returned to Sydney airport "due to a technical issue with the air-conditioning system."

Attempts by ABC News to reach Qantas for comment were not successful.

The Qantas spokeswoman said the flight crew had called ahead to request medical assistance, and ambulance crews met the plane on the tarmac. About 50 passengers were evaluated for dehydration.

Passengers said the temperature inside the aircraft had reached 40 degrees Celsius, or 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The airline did not confirm the temperature inside the cabin.

The Australian reported that the two passengers taken to the hospital were female and in stable condition.

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