Jill Kelley Calls Gen. John Allen a "Great Patriot"

Jill Kelley, the Florida woman who exchanged hundreds of emails with Gen. John Allen, the former commander of the war in Afghanistan, released a statement today saying that Allen was "a great patriot and a tremendous human being."

Kelley made the comments after a Newsweek profile of Allen was released this week, detailing the grueling time Allen spent leading the war in Afghanistan and the challenges he and his family faced while he was abroad up until his retirement last month.

"Newsweek's recent cover story 'The Tragedy of John Allen' by Daniel Klaidman rightfully depicts General John Allen as an epic military leader, a great patriot, and a tremendous human being," the statement read.

"And Kathy Allen," Kelley continued, referring to the general's wife of 35 years, "is every bit the hero that he is, for her unconditional love and support of her husband's mission."

The relationship between Kelley and Allen came under scrutiny after an affair between CIA Director David Petraeus and his biographer, Paula Broadwell, grabbed headlines last fall. During the investigation into the Petraeus and Broadwell relationship, investigators found evidence of an online relationship between Allen and Kelley.

Allen and Kelley, who are both married to other spouses, denied any affair took place.

Investigators at the FBI combed through thousands of online exchanges between Allen and Kelley, eventually clearing Allen of any wrongdoing.

Allen retired in February.

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