911 Tapes From Hope Solo's Pre-Wedding Fight - and Fiance's Arrest - Released

Tapes of the 911 calls that led to the arrest of Jerramy Stevens, 32, husband of soccer star Hope Solo, 31, last November were released Monday.

Stevens, a former Seattle Seahawks tight end, was arrested Nov. 12 for fourth degree domestic violence assault after an apparent altercation with Solo, U.S. women's soccer team goalkeeper, in Kirkland, Wash., early in the morning on their wedding day, according to a police report obtained by ABCNews.com.

Police responded to the home of Solo and Stevens after Solo's brother, Marcus Solo, 35, called 911.

In a series of four calls made to 911 just after 3 a.m., which were obtained by ABC affiliate KOMO in Seattle, Marcus Solo reported trouble at his sister and Stevens' home, and requested medical assistance. Marcus Solo later told the dispatcher that alcohol had been consumed.

"There was a little fight inside the house, and she got thrown to the ground, and she might have dislocated her hip," Marcus Solo told the dispatcher in one of the calls, referring to another woman at the house who had apparently been injured. According to the police report, eight people, two sleeping children and six adults, were present.

It appeared that the fight started with pushing and shoving and escalated from there. When the dispatcher inquired if there had been any weapons involved, Marcus Solo replied that a stun gun had been used. He told the dispatcher that there was "definitely a physical altercation and an innocent bystander got hurt."

When the Kirkland police arrived on the scene, according to their report, they found a woman lying on the floor with a hip injury. Marcus Solo had blood on his forehead and knees, and a bruise under his left eye. Hope Solo's right elbow was bloody, and she and her brother appeared intoxicated, the report said.

During a further sweep of the house, officers stated that they noticed an odor of marijuana and found Stevens, who "appeared to be hiding" between the bed and the wall of the master bedroom. According to the police report, it appeared to the officers that Stevens had caused Hope Solo's injuries, leading to his arrest for domestic violence assault. Stevens denied knowing what had happened, and was released hours later for lack of evidence, reported KOMO.

Police said in their report that the victims did not cooperate during questioning about who was responsible, and blamed two or three unknown males for the fight. Marcus Solo would not identify the instigator(s) to the 911 dispatcher when asked. "We won't go there. Please get here," he said.

Police officers said they found it unlikely that uninvited "strangers" would come to the intimate gathering that started on the eve of Solo and Stevens' wedding, according to the report, and in one of the audio tapes obtained by KOMO, Solo could be heard in the background arguing with her brother. Detective T. Davidson wrote in the report that Solo's brother could be heard saying during the 911 call that they "will lie to the police so Jerramy would not get in trouble."

Solo and Stevens married that evening. The Kirkland Police Department has since closed the case and referred it to prosecutors.

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