Cosmetic Craving: Jolly Ranchers and Bubble Yum Treats for Your Nails
PHOTO: LottaLuvs Jolly Rancher-flavored nail polish makes nails smell like the favorite candy.

(Image credit: LottaLuv)

Sugar-obsessed kids and adults alike will flip for these products inspired by iconic candy brands like Hershey's and Nerds.

Jolly Rancher-scented nail polish, Reese's chap stick and Bubble Yum lip balm are some of the products available from the LottaLuv company. The company has been around since 2001 but just added two new treats to the lineup: Rock Candy lip gloss and fortune cookie lip balm.

Don't be fooled by a good whiff of sweetness. Even though they're sugar and gluten-free, the products aren't edible.

Dessert-inspired beauty has popped up over the years in many forms. Philosophy has an animal cracker-scented shampoo. Lush sells a melted marshmallow-smelling bath bomb. Jessica Simpson even tried her hand at launching a cosmetic line of body frosting and lip candy in 2005.

The LottaLuv products are sold for $5 and the nail polish sets range in price from $8 to $12.

Who doesn't wish these had been around when you were a kid?

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