What's the Realistic Outlook for a Grand Bargain Budget Deal?


Earlier this week I sat down with President Obama for an interview where he expressed pessimism about the outlook for grand bargain on the budget. Lots of you had questions about my interview and what it says about the possibility of Democrats and Republicans coming together to solve our budget problems.

Karen Isenberg asked: Where is the president's budget. First time in 92 years that the president has not issued a budget before congress

Lora Blankenship wrote in on Facebook: I'm 55 years old and concerned about the possibility of the Medicare age being raised. I'd like to know what the President's position is on this issue. I've read that he isn't going to "give" on Social Security or Medicare, then other sources report that he's open for compromise. People at my income level can't afford too much compromise!

Carolyn Cabana Stevens wondered: How about withholding paychecks for all of congress and the white house until they agree on a budget. Then we will see how fast they come to an agreement.

And Michael Feldman tweeted: pessimism or realism?

Thanks for the great questions everyone. Please keep them coming on Twitter and on Facebook. Be sure to tune into "Good Morning America" tomorrow and "This Week" on Sunday, where we'll have a lot more on budget debate along with the rest of the week's top headlines.

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