PM Note: Gay Marriage Sea Change, Ten Years After Iraq Invasion, Obama's Labor Nominee Scrutinized, GOP's 2012 Autopsy

History Channel Says Satan, Obama Resemblance Unintentional -

Tomorrow: Ten years after the Iraq invasion and at a time when the war has largely disappeared from the political discussion we'll retweet the war from start to finish with archive video and analysis. Follow us at @abcpolitics.

Flashback: 'Go Time' - Here's Nightline from 3/19/2003

Ten Years Later… Watch Bob Woodruff and Martha Raddatz in 2013 -

Sea Change - 58 percent of Americans support gay marriage, according to a new ABC News / Washington Post Poll. That's a remarkable turnaround. Thirty-two percent backed gay marriage 9 years ago when the issue was credited with hurting John Kerry's chances at the White House. 81 percent of people under 30 and 44 percent of seniors (24 and 26 percent changes in nine years) say same-sex marriage should not be illegal.

Hillary Clinton - Two steps behind Republican Sen. Rob Portman and a week before the Supreme Court hears arguments, the most mentioned likely Democratic candidate in 2016 endorsed gay marriage.

Perspective Nugget - "Recalling of course that President Obama was against gay marriage until 11 months ago… that the first GOP senator to flip did so on Friday… and Hillary Clinton didn't change her position until today, shortly after her husband renounced support for the Defense of Marriage Act - this is society pushing politicians, not the other way around," said ABC Political Director Rick Klein.

"The story of how gay marriage became accepted by a wide majority of Americans is cultural (TV and movies leading the way)and societal (friends and neighbors) far more than it is political.

'Different Instead of Somebody Being Wrong' - Chris Good talked to some of the respondents in the poll on all sides of the issue: For Mark Uhron, it was his clients' financial entanglements that led to a change of heart on gay marriage. "I'm dealing with a lot of clients now who have partners and don't know if benefits are going to get extended to them. It complicates their whole financial picture," Uhron, a white, Catholic, conservative Republican and financial adviser in Vienna, Va., told ABC News.

"I just think that it should be a state decision," said Uhron, a Navy veteran who knew of service members discharged for being gay before the military instated its since-repealed "don't ask, don't tell" policy. "I suppose same-sex couples have every right to be as miserable as the rest of us, so why shouldn't they be allowed to get married?" (Chris Good)

President Obama Nominates Perez to Be Labor Secretary- President Obama today nominated Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez to be the next secretary of labor, calling him a "consensus-builder" who "reminds us of this country's promise." Perez, the son of immigrants from the Dominican Republic, has been an assistant U.S. attorney general for the Civil Rights Division since 2009. Before that, he served as secretary of Maryland's Department of Labor. (Mary Bruce)

Perez Isn't Without Controversy - From Fusion's Fabian - "But Perez could encounter a tough grilling from Republican senators, who have painted him as too liberal on issues regarding immigration, voting rights and labor laws. Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) vowed he would block Perez's nomination until the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) answers more questions about a lawsuit filed against Louisiana that alleges state agencies violated federal law by not providing voter registration forms to low-income voters. As head of the Justice Department's civil rights division since October 2009, Perez oversaw the Louisiana case. Vitter also questioned Perez's role in the controversial New Black Panther voter intimidation case. "

RNC Autopsy - "Our message was weak; our ground game was insufficient; we weren't inclusive; we were behind in both data and digital; our primary and debate process needed improvement," Priebus said of Mitt Romney and the GOP's 2012 loss. "There's no one solution. There's a long list of them,

In conclusion, Priebus had a message for voters: "To those who have left the party, let me say this, we want to earn your trust again, to those who have yet to trust us, we welcome you with open arms." Here's the full roundup from Shush Walshe -

GOP Rebrand vs. Perez Nomination - Fusion's Jordan Fabian points out - "Perez's nomination came on the same day as a report commissioned by the Republican National Committee urged GOPers to take a less strident tone on the issue of immigration reform. But some senators, such as Sessions, appear committed to bringing up the issue during the confirmation process.

'"We need a Secretary of Labor who fights to create jobs for American workers, not one that undermines legal work requirements," he said. "It is plain that if the policies of Mr. Perez were to be enacted, jobs for Americans would be harder to come by and wages lower. He is the wrong man for this job."

Biden Jokes 'I'll Lose My Soul' If He Misses Cardinal Reception - Vice President Joe Biden joked today that his soul might be in jeopardy if he misses a scheduled reception with the U.S. Cardinals in Rome. Saenz)

White House Tourgate Cont'd - The Sad Little Kids - Jon Karl catches up with Iowa 6th graders who came to DC anticipating a White House tour, only to be nixed by budget cuts.

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