Octomom Reportedly Target of Welfare-Fraud Probe

(Image Credit: Rex Features via AP Images)

Octomom Nadya Suleman is reportedly being investigated for possible welfare fraud, after going back on public assistance in January.

The woman who gave birth to eight children in January 2009 is under investigation by the L.A. County Department of Welfare Fraud Prevention and Investigation, according to E! online.

She could not be reached for comment but a source close to Suleman today told ABCNews.com, "I can confirm that we have been in contact with the DA's office concerning her income and are cooperating."

Under California law, the mother of 14 is only entitled to government assistance if she makes less than $119,000, E! reported. If convicted of fraud, Suleman, 37, faces up to three years in jail.

Despite her income from strip-tease dancing, making a porn film and other publicity appearances, Suleman once again sought out "state assistance for a brief period of time," her rep, Gina Rodriguez, said in January.

"She spent most of her savings while she was in Chapman Treatment center, paying for around-the-clock nannies, drivers, security and her treatment program," Rodriguez said in an email. "She does not expect to be on longer than three months."

Suleman weaned herself off welfare last summer, but her bank account was quickly depleted after she entered rehab in October for what her rep said was "anxiety, exhaustion and stress."

"She was prescribed Xanax for her anxiety attacks," Rodriguez told ABCNews.com at the time. "She was not addicted to it. She has an overabundance of stress and exhaustion and wanted to deal with it without prescription drugs."

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