App of the Week: Vyclone
PHOTO: Vyclone app

Credit: Vyclone

App Name: Vyclone Price: Free Available Platforms: iOS and Android What does this app do?: When it comes to sharing photos and videos across social media platforms, the ability to do so is a must for an app to succeed. Vyclone, a video sharing app, aims to take recording, viewing and editing video to another level by allowing multiple users to collaborate and create short videos of their own from a specific place or event.

Capture an event, such as a concert, a road race or a birthday party using the app's camera feature. Once you finish recording, the app uploads your content to the cloud and, with the help of location data, syncs it to other content shot by those nearby. From there, Vyclone will remix and produce a short, multiple-angled movie clip. Your video appears in a central feed, making it accessible to others who attended the event. Should you choose to edit it yourself, the app offers a few basic controls; tap between window panes displaying each recorded camera angle and cut your piece to your liking.

Once your movie uploads to Vyclone's "Magic Movie Maker," the app compresses the video to 640×360 at 30 fps. From there you can share it to Facebook and Twitter, as well as search, view and comment on other Vyclone movies users create. For a peek at what a Vyclone movie looks like, take a look at what ABC News created when testing out the app this past summer here. You will notice in our earlier test the app struggled to sync three cameras, but when we tried it out again this week, Vyclone managed to mix together all three cameras without a problem.

Is it easy to install?: Users will need to create an account and profile first. From there, search and follow fellow Vyclone users to start your collaborative content creation.

Should I try it?: Vyclone's ability to gather and stitch together clips for a short movie is easy enough - making it fun to use for specific functions among a community of Vyclone users. Imagine having all of your wedding guests download the app and the fun it could create among several users at such a once-in-a-lifetime event. However, if you're looking for more editing control, you might try Qwiki, which allows users to add photos and music.

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