Danson's Daughter to Guest Star on 'CSI'
PHOTO: Kate Danson guest starred on CSI in an episode that will air on April 3, 2013.


"CSI" is becoming a family affair.

Star Ted Danson's daughter, Kate, will guest star April 3 alongside her father on the crime drama, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," CBS recently announced.

In the episode, the CSIs find a body near a forest reserve and discover what appears to be a serial killer and his lair. Kate will star as lawyer Jill McDermott.

"I play a lawyer who knows she's in the right and the CSI team have done something wrong, so I come pretty hard at my dad and dig into him, which was a lot of fun to play. It airs April 3 and I'm hoping it will be a recurring character," Kate told WENN.

Ted Danson joined the "CSI" cast for the series' 12th season in 2011, replacing Laurence Fishburne. Danson plays D.B. Russell, the CSI supervisor for the graveyard shift. CBS announced last week that Danson's contract has been extended.

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