Woman Arrested in Killing of Colorado Prisons Chief
PHOTO: Stevie Marie Vigil, 22, of Commerce City was arrested by agents with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Wednesday, March 27, 2013, for illegally transferring the gun authorities say was used to kill Colorados prisons chief.

Colorado Bureau of Investigation

Colorado police have arrested a woman who allegedly bought the weapon that was used to kill Colorado prisons chief Tom Clements, officials said.

Stevie Marie Vigil of Commerce City, Colo., was charged with illegally transferring a weapon she bought to Evan Ebel, the main suspect in Clements' murder. Ebel died last week in a shootout with Texas cops.

Vigil, 22, transferred the weapon to Ebel in early March, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigations.

Ebel, 28, was on parole from Colorado prisons and was not legally allowed to purchase a weapon. He is believed to have used the gun to kill Clements on Tuesday, March 19, at Clements' home in Colorado.

Ebel was then pulled over by Texas authorities two days later and engaged in a high-speed chase and gun battle with them. He was shot and died later at a hospital.

The CBI would not say how Ebel and Vigil knew each other. Records associated with her case have been sealed under court order.

Law enforcement sources told ABC News they are investigating whether Clements' death was orchestrated by members of Ebel's white supremacist prison gang, 211 Crew. They are still trying to determine whether others were involved in Clements' death.

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