Massachusetts Man Arrested with Alleged Criminal 'To-Do' List
PHOTO: Evan Dorsey, of Weymouth, Mass., was charged with breaking and entering, March 22, 2013.

(Weymouth Police)

Even accused burglars need to stay organized.

When police arrested Evan Dorsey, 25, of Weymouth, Mass., for burglary on Friday, they said they found a notebook with a list titled "goals for Friday 3/24/13," among his possessions.

According to the Weymouth Police Department, the list of his goals included "finding crystal meth, getting [a] gold watch, doing a B&E today or robbing a dealer, selling drugs, getting coke, and doing one altruistic act for a stranger."

Before he could complete his alleged goals, Dorsey was charged with breaking and entering, possessing stolen property, attempting to commit a crime and carrying a dangerous weapon among several other crimes.

Dorsey was arraigned on Monday and pleaded not guilty, David Traub, spokesman for the Norfolk District Attorney's office, told

Police responded to several different callers in Weymouth, Mass., who reported seeing a man fitting Dorsey's description going door to door carrying a bag and allegedly breaking into a garage in the neighborhood.

When confronted by two of the callers, Dorsey reportedly told them he was conducting a survey about opening a marijuana dispensary, according to the Weymouth Police Department.

After arriving in the area, detectives said they witnessed Dorsey at a home taking the contents of a UPS box delivered to the residence and attempting to pry open the home's back door.

On Dorsey, police said they also found diabetic supplies, which were determined to be the items from the UPS box, a blackjack, which is a weapon, and two dozen pieces of jewelry, whose origin Dorsey could not explain. Police also described "several burglarious tools" in his possession.

Dorsey was held on $5,000 bail over the weekend. Traub said Dorsey is scheduled to appear in court on April 22 and will first undergo a substance abuse evaluation.

The case is still pending and, as a result, police declined to release photos of his notebook.

Several attempts to contact Dorsey were unsuccessful. His family declined to comment.

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