Bronson Pinchot Hijacks Morning News
VIDEO: Actor Bronson Pinchot takes over Pennsylvania morning news programs weather report.

Note to meteorologists everywhere: Don't let Bronson Pinchot hijack your weathercast.

The "Perfect Strangers" star stopped by Fox 43 in York, Penn., Friday morning but things got a little out of hand when he caught meteorologist Jeff Jumper out of the corner of his eye. While the morning show was on air, Pinchot ran off-camera to examine 29-year-old Jumper's "grown-up haircut."

The anchors then offered to let Pinchot do the weather himself, and he did more stand-up comedy than weather. The 53-year-old actor asked if the Susquehanna River was polluted before telling a bizarre story about a woman in bed, to which Jumper responded, "I lost my job already."

A very pleased-with-himself Pinchot then started hitting on the anchor tasked with pulling him off-camera before she shouted, "Can we turn off his mic please?"

When Jumper finally got control of his weathercast, he couldn't stop laughing, saying, "I don't even know anymore."

We understand, Jumper, it's Friday.

A viewer asked Jumper on Twitter why the producer stopped Pinchot, to which he responded, "She has trouble with allowing fun :)"

But others didn't find it quite as amusing.

"Very unprofessional to allow this fiasco to happen," one viewer commented on Fox 43's website. "Disaster to allow the guest to take over the show. Someone may have really needed a forecast or traffic details without the sideshow."

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