App of the Week: Clipboard
PHOTO: Copy, clip and save from the web what interests you and put it altogether into a clipboard, or several clipboards, to share with others.

Image credit: Clipboard

App Name: Clipboard

Price: Free

Available Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Web

What does this app do?: Clipboard is a web-based service that allows you to clip, save and organize whatever grabs you and, in turn, you want to grab from the web-a recipe that entices you, photographs that inspire you, or projects that motivate you, for example.

Suppose you're browsing a website or another app. Press down and hold to copy and highlight what you want to clip-maybe it's just a photo, or maybe it's the entire page. Assuming you're searching an app or website that supports copying, you can grab the entire contents of a page including text, images and links. Switch over to the Clipboard app, and then press down on its heart shaped paperclip icon in order to save the clip. Viola! The content can be saved as text, HTML, or a bookmark preserving the information as it appears on the web.

Once you save it, you can organize material by creating boards based on categories or themes, such as Design or Health, as well as peruse fellow Clipboard user's boards. Give your clip a title and description, and from there add comments and either keep it private or choose to share it with the Clipboard community. (We created one called #technology).

Is it easy to Install?: It's simple to install. Download the free app from the iTunes store, and then create an account.

Should I try it?: Clipboard is reminiscent of others, such as Pinterest, Skitch for iPad, and Instapaper in that it allows users to put together collages of information and make it easy to share across social media platforms. What sets this app apart, however, is the ability to share parts of a website, not just images or text. Clipboard's simple layout lends itself well to beginners offering helpful hints on how to navigate and perform basic functions. However, if you're already using a clip sharing app, there's no reason to ditch it for Clipboard.

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