Sexy Sells: Hunk Heats Up New Kraft Ad

ABC News' Linsey Davis reports:

Kraft, the Midwest-based company known for being conservative in its advertising, is going sexy.

Their new ad campaign, featuring a shirtless hunk, Anderson Davis, who keeps adding Kraft Zesty Italian salad dressing to a flaming hot skillet, is the sexiest they've ever gone as they experiment with a new way to sell salad dressing to women.

"I think these sexy ads are definitely all about the shock value," said AdWeek's Emma Bazilian. "You get people talking about the commercial, which in turn gets them talking about your brand."

And people are definitely talking about Davis.

"It's really nice to have people come up to you and say, 'Dude, you're super zesty,' or whatever they're going to say to you," Davis told ABC News.

But Kraft isn't the only company that has utilized the old saying, "sex sells."

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Mustafa, the sexy Old Spice guy, was a hit with the ladies. And then there's the steamy Diet Coke gardener, Andrew Cooper, with the washboard stomach. And who could forget Kate Upton's slow-motion car wash commercial intended to promote a new Mercedes model?

For years, companies have turned to this kind of tongue-in-cheek-sex appeal, and it's worked. And let's face it. Without the sexy man holding the bottle, salad dressing itself isn't necessarily something that gets people talking or tweeting.

"I've had a couple of proposals online," Davis said. "I got a ton of action on Twitter, a lot of action on Facebook and a lot of positive response, so I think we accomplished what we set out to accomplish."

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