Uncle's Edits Turn Girls Into Viral Drumming Stars

Some uncles come by only at Thanksgiving or Christmas and bring funny gifts. Others turn you into viral Internet stars.

The latter describes Simon Panrucker, a freelance filmmaker and musician whose heavily edited video of his two nieces playing the drums has taken the Internet by storm.

When Panrucker, of Cambridge, England, posted a nearly two-minute video titled "DRUMS" to YouTube and Vimeo last week, it garnered nearly 15,000 views in less than 48 hours.

The video shows Panrucker's nieces, Flo, 6, and Poppy, 9, playing what look like insane skills on the drum set. In reality, the drum set was brand new and his nieces are not, in fact, experienced drummers.

"I got the idea to shoot the video when I heard my youngest niece was getting a drum kit for her birthday," Panrucker told ABCNews.com. "I thought, 'Oh man, it would be so fun to make it look like she can play incredibly fast rhythms even though she's only just started!'"

Panrucker started by having his nieces hit each part of the drum.

"It was a little painstaking because I wanted Flo to hit each part of the drum separately many times, pulling different poses, but all she wanted to do was rock the heck out and go nuts over the whole kit," he said. "She has rock-and-roll in her bones, what can I say?"

"It took an hour or two to shoot," Panrucker said. "We got together one afternoon and found some funny clothes from the dressing up box, including the giraffe costume my other niece is wearing, and the rather fetching cape I chose."

Panrucker then went to work on his computer for five straight nights, cutting the clips together into a beat until, he says,"my eyes nearly popped."

The trio shot the video in Panrucker's parents' home just outside Cambridge, as his dad was trying to work in the next room over.

Perhaps evidence of that, on the YouTube video, Panrucker thanks his family - mom, dad, sister and brother-in-law included - for "putting up with the noise," and his nieces for "being good sports."

"I suppose the combination of cute kids and fresh beats is clearly a winner," he said of his video's viral success.

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