App of the Week: Cut the Rope: Time Travel
PHOTO: In the game Cut the Rope: Time Travel the candy hungry monter, Om Nom returns, but this time he travels back in time to meet his ancestors.

Image credit: ZeptoLab

App Name: Cut the Rope: Time Travel Price: $.99 (iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android), $2.99 (iPad) Available Platforms: iOS, Android, and Nook What does this app do?: Om Nom is a hungry monster with an insatiable sweet tooth. He also has deep curiosity about his family roots. At least, that's what ZeptoLab, the makers of the popular game "Cut the Rope" are saying with a new game they launched earlier this month, "Cut The Rope: Time Travel." The newest incarnation of this game takes the well-loved premise of "Cut the Rope," originally released in 2010, and adds new characters and levels based on eras in history, such as the Middle Ages or Ancient Egypt. In this newer version, players not only have to find candy to feed Om Nom, they also have to do so for his relatives.

This is a puzzle game and one that gets progressively more difficult as users complete each level. At each stage, pieces of candy hang from ropes while Om Nom and one of his ravenous relatives wait, hungry for their tantalizing treat. Swipe to the left or right to cut the rope and watch as candy falls into their wide-open mouths. As players progress, they encounter more and more obstacles, such as bombs and bubbles that will send candy flying and floating away, or chains that you must slice with a blade. With each piece of candy you feed the monsters, you collect stars, the equivalent to points. The more stars you collect in a particular level, the more bonus points you earn toward other features, such as super powers you can use to assist you with your strategy.

The app offers some additional features for players who want to learn more about Om Nom and his ancestry. Tap the camera icon to view animated stories created by ZeptoLab on YouTube. Aside from the additional characters and era-based levels, "Cut the Rope: Time Travel" offers a simple, but delightful design with brightly colored backdrops and energetic sound effects reminiscent of your favorite Saturday morning cartoons.

Is it easy to get started? It's easy to download and install "Cut the Rope: Time Travel." Assuming they already a have Game Center profile set up in iOS, users can start playing immediately.

Should I try it? If you're looking for some addictive fun to pass the time and you haven't already tried the earlier version, "Cut The Rope," then give "Cut the Rope: Time Travel" a whirl. The premise is simple, and, therefore, easy to catch on to, but the game presents enough head-scratching challenges to keep users engaged. If, however, you already have an earlier release or play something similar, such as "Temple Run," there's no need to purchase another one. The game's draw lies with its additional challenges and vividly rendered graphics but, overall, it fulfills the same need to pass the time as others like it do. Therefore, if you are already playing something else, likely you are getting your fill.

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