NYC Bike-Share Bans Obese Riders
PHOTO: A New York City bike share program puts a weight limit on cyclists who participate.

Image credit: Getty Images

New York City residents looking to sign up for the city's new bike-sharing service, set to launch this month, have discovered the program includes a stipulation that riders "must not exceed maximum weight limit of 260 pounds," first reported by the New York Post.

"These technical specs are established by the equipment manufacturer and are the same as other bike share cities around the world and standard on commercially available bikes and components," New York City department of transportation spokesman Seth Solomonow told ABC News.

Solomonow pointed out instances in which bike manufacturers Raleigh and Trek each listed a weight limit of 275 lbs in the user manuals for particular models of bikes.

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"Some bikes do have a weight limit depending on the type of components on them," explained Brendon Nicholas of Silk Road Cycles in Brooklyn. But Nicholas said his shop doesn't carry any bikes he's aware of that have a listed weight limit, nor was he familiar with the model being used for the city's bike-share.

Citi Bike, provider of the bikes for the NYC bike-share, didn't immediately respond to messages left by ABC News, but according to their website, the "rugged" bikes offered for the program are three-speed cruisers with "sturdy" aluminum frames and "durable" tires.

Solomonow did not comment on how the department of transportation might to enforce the user agreement weight limit for riders. "We expect people will use the bikes safely," he said.

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