Apple Offers $10k to User Who Downloads 50 Billionth App
PHOTO: Apple will giving away a $10,000 app store gift card after the 50 billionth app is downloaded.

Image credit: Apple

Apple's is celebrating its approach of the 50 billion App Store download milestone with a big bucks contest.

Be the lucky user to download the 50 billionth app and Apple will send you an App Store gift card worth $10,000. The very next 50 app downloaders after number 50 billion will each get a $500 App Store gift card.

Before you Apple users go app download crazy, know that the contest will only register 25 entrants per account per day. To be eligible, users must also be at least 13 years old.

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Now the big question is: how would you spend a $10,000 App Store gift card?

There's obviously plenty of music, movie, and book content to sift through, but if you need app suggestions, Business Insider put together a list of some of the most expensive apps available for iPhone and iPad.

There's BarMax CA, priced at $999 and created by a group of Harvard alumni as a study app for law students preparing for the California bar exam. Or maybe DDS GP Yes!, the graphic presentation app for dentists to educate their patients on dental procedures, for $499.

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