Windows Targets iPad With Snarky Ad
PHOTO: This is a capture from the "Windows 8: Less talking, more doing" commercial

Image credit: Windows

"Should we just play Chopsticks?"

The new Microsoft TV commercial shows a Windows 8 Asus tablet pitted against an Apple iPad in what's reminiscent of a classic Apple ad, complete with vintage white background.

Microsoft's tablet is shown demonstrating its Start Screen Live Tiles feature, multi-windowed Snap multitasking, and even Microsoft Office compatibility. All the while, Apple's voice assistant, Siri, is heard saying that she's sorry, but she just can't do any of those things:

"I'm sorry, I don't update like that."

"I'm sorry, I can only do one thing at a timeā€¦ I guess PowerPoint isn't one of those things."

After Siri seemingly gives up and opens the GarageBand piano, the ad ends with a rather rough rendition of Chopsticks (a play on Apple's iPad mini commercial) and a graphic showing the iPad priced at $699 and the Windows 8 Asus tablet at $449, both tablets in 64 GB versions.

Apple did not immediately respond when ABC News reached out for comment on the new ad.

Windows 8 only grabbed 7.5 percent of the tablet market in Q1 of 2013, according to Strategy Analytics. Apple's iOS was number one (iPad and iPad mini) with a 48.2 percent, and Android tablets accounted for 43.4 percent.

Microsoft seems to be getting comfortable with the attack ad style. Their "Scroogled" campaign has featured a number of different videos aimed at Google's collection of user information with its Gmail service.

So, what do you think? Can Microsoft make ground in the tablet game with commercials like this latest? Did any of the features shown in the ad catch your eye? Give us your thoughts in the comment section.

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