2 hospitalized in Indiana school shooting
2 hospitalized in Indiana school shooting
Does 'Naked' Show Go Too Far?
PHOTO: Kim and Shane rest in a shelter they built on Discoverys "Naked and Afraid."

ABC News' Suzanne Yeo reports:

Imagine being dropped into one of the most remote regions on earth with a complete stranger, forced to live off the land in brutal conditions totally naked.

That's the premise of Discovery Channel's new reality series called "Naked and Afraid," which will pair stripped down male and female strangers and leave them stranded in a remote area with no food and no water.

The couple will be left in the wild for 21 days with nothing but their determination and survival skills. Think Adam and Eve meets "Survivor" meets "Castaway."

"Survival of the fittest" takes on a whole new meaning with this new reality series where there's no prize for the contestants. The show's producers say the naked castaways are simply doing this for the experience.

"It's pushing the boundaries of the survival genre. This is the most authentic survival show you're going to see," said Jay Renfroe, executive producer of "Naked and Afraid."

Each pair is given a basic map and small cameras, which were rolling at all times. In addition to that footage, a four-person camera crew tracks each couple at all times.

"Naked and Afraid" is the latest entry in the dog-eat-dog world of reality television where shows are pushing the envelope on what viewers can stomach. Some critics wonder if reality TV producers are testing the bounds of good taste.

"Reality television seemingly is becoming more and more and more outrageous each season," media expert and author Michael Levine said.

"Naked & Afraid" premieres June 23 on Discovery.

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