Christie Brinkley, Brooke Shields Strike a (Familiar) Pose
PHOTO: Christie Brinkley posted an image on her Facebook page of her and Brooke Shields making the same funny faces they made back on Feb. 10, 1987 at a movie premiere in New York City.

(Photo credit: Getty Images; ChristieBrinkley/Facebook)

Christie Brinkley and Brooke Shields have known each other for decades and, from the looks of it, they're still having just as much fun now as they did when they were younger!

The supermodel, 59, and the actress, 48, first snapped this funny photo in 1987 - and recreated it at an event in New York City last week.

"Reprising our famous pose from over 30 years ago… Yep we still got it !" captioned Brinkley on her Facebook page. "Lets see if You can still move YOUR face muscles like this? Lol!!!!!"

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