3 Parachuters Jump off Chicago Hotel
PHOTO: Trump International Hotel and Towers, center, is shown on the Chicago River, in Chicago, Ill., Aug. 1, 2012.

The Chicago Police Department has released photographs of the three parachutists who broke into the roof of the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago last night and jumped.

Investigators are seeking information to identify the trio, the Police Department said in a statement.

Chicago Police Dept./ABC News

John Mirabelli, public information officer for the Chicago Police Department, told ABC News the hotel management team alerted the police about the intrusion, who arrived just after midnight, but the jumpers had already left . There were no immediate reports from anyone who might have spotted the trio when they landed.

Rooms at the luxury hotel, according to its website, can cost up to $980 a night . As of right now, there is no indication the suspects stole anything from the hotel.

The investigation is ongoing; police are trying to locate video to see how the suspects could have gained access to the hotel.

The parachuters could be charged ith both trespassing and disrupting vehicle traffic, which is disorderly conduct, said Mirabelli.

Mirabelli categorized the act as "extremely rare." "It's dangerous and we will proceed accordingly with the investigation. We will take the appropriate action," he said.

Trump Hotel officials declined to comment.

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