In the Game with Danica Patrick
PHOTO: Danica Patrick

Since racing go-carts as a child in Wisconsin, Danica Patrick knew she was destined to be behind the wheel. Since then she has gone to become the most successful woman in racing history.

"I think we limit ourselves by our own expectations. So I think our potential is so big that if we just dream big, " said Patrick in an interview with Robin Roberts. "And to not be afraid of what is different about you. Obviously what's different about me and the sport is what has made all of the difference and what I'm very much known for. So to embrace that and let it set you apart."

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And Patrick has been set apart from her competitors, recently making history as the first female driver to win a pole at NASCAR's top level - the Sprint Cup Series. This is just another achievement to add to Patrick's long list of accolades in IndyCar and NASCAR racing. And although she has been the first woman to achieve so many distinctions in the racing world, she doesn't focus on being a woman in a man's world - she just wants to drive. "When they (the awards) happen, it is really cool. But I guess in the quest of trying to be the best driver and pushing yourself to that limit, you aren't really thinking about them."

But after twenty-two years of racing, what would Patrick do if she was not behind the wheel? You might be surprised to hear - a country singer. "I love country! I was so stubborn about listening to it…then when I finally started listening and now it's all I listen to."

With so much boundary breaking success, Patrick says it all come down to one thing. Passion. "The most important thing is that you have found something that you really love to do."

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