App of the Week: Bill Nye The Science Guy
PHOTO: Learn about the solar system, conduct your own experiments, and play games designed to teach you about the planets with Bill Nye The Science Guy.

Image credit: Disney Publishing Worldwide

App Name: Bill Nye The Science Guy

Price: Free

Available Platforms: iOS (iPhone and iPad)

What does this app do?: Bill Nye The Science Guy, a PBS show that taught kids all about science, may be off the air, but his smart and informative legacy lives on in the iTunes store.

Bill Nye The Science Guy is now an app, released earlier this month by Disney Publishing Worldwide to celebrate the 20 th anniversary of the brainiac going on the air. From games designed to teach users about the solar system and planet Earth's geological history to handy, do-it-yourself experiments, the app brings users all of the informative lessons Nye has to teach us in an imaginative manner. (Full disclosure: Disney is the parent company of ABC News.)

"You've arrived at my desk!" exclaims the familiar voice of Bill Nye as you open the app. Choose from objects on the desk, such as a rocket, a robot or a sundial, and the app will bring users into a different lesson. Select the rocket, for example, and you will embark on a mission to the solar system, where Nye teaches you facts about the planets. Tap the robot, and Nye and his dog will bring you on an archeological dig wherein you earn points and learn about the earth's surface based on the objects you find.

In addition to games, users can bring the science lab into their own home; swipe through a book of "do-it-yourself " experiments and follow instructions to brew up homemade carbon dioxide or to make an egg float in salt water, for example.

This app offers more than just facts and information. It has humor, too. For example, open Bill Nye's desk drawer and learn when he started wearing bow ties and even how to tie one yourself.

Is it easy to install:? Yes, download and launch the app. Press the fingerprint icon to enter the Nye lab. No scientific laboratory is completely secure without a finger print identification!

Should I try it?: Yes, Bill Nye The Science Guy presents information in an engaging manner combining retro style animations with games and lessons users will find easy to absorb. The one downside: The app is not available for Android.

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