Actress Remarkably Transforms Into Anna Nicole Smith

ABC News' Joshua Hoyos reports:

Six years after her death, Anna Nicole Smith is being immortalized in a new Lifetime movie called "Anna Nicole" debuting Saturday.

At first glance, 27-year-old Agnes Bruckner, who started acting at the age of 11 as a regular on the daytime drama "The Bold and Beautiful," seems like a long shot to play the platinum blonde temptress.

"She went through extensive hair and makeup and then there was a whole process of prosthetics," Entertainment Weekly writer Lindzi Scharf told ABC News.

Bruckner, who is much smaller than the voluptuous Anna Nicole Smith, reportedly had to undergo four hours of hair, makeup and prosthetics with three people each morning before shooting. To pull off the look, the natural brunette bleached her hair and added extensions, required neck, cheek and breast prosthetics, and to capture that Marilyn Monroe-like look, she donned wigs.

"The moment I saw her, I didn't recognize her," said Deborah Everton, the costume designer for the film. "I was wondering, 'Who is this?' … And then I realized it was Agnes."

Side by side images of Bruckner compared to iconic images of Smith are nearly identical.

"She really became Anna Nicole for this role," said Scharf.

Bruckner says the role was more than just perfecting the "look" but also inhabiting Smith's persona.

"I became really protective of Anna Nicole," Bruckner told Entertainment Tonight. "And I think we did her justice."

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