App of the Week: Springpad
PHOTO: Springpad provides users with the ability to save, plan, and share everything from links to vacation ideas to products and to-do lists.

App Name: Springpad

Price: Free

Available Platforms: iOS, Android, Kindle, Chrome and Desktop

What does this app do?: When it comes to keeping track of the things we want to remember there are any number of ways to go about it. From calendar reminders to personal assistants to apps-even doing it the old fashioned way by scribbling notes down on a piece of paper-people need a method by which to stay organized.

Springpad is one such way to go about this feat. The productivity app allows users to copy, save and share items from a variety of categories such as products you want buy, links you want to keep, and checklists you want to stay on top of and even recipes you hope to prepare. Tap the yellow "+" and begin adding items to a notebook, like's recipe for "Little Apricot Cakes," or the movie "Anchorman: The Legend Continues." The items will appear in a collage-like layout on your device reminiscent of Pinterest's visually driven app. Springpad, however, attempts to take organizing all of that information a step further; to help you stay on top of your "springs," the app will create a shopping list of ingredients to actually make those apricot cakes, for example, or notify you when the movie you flagged is available in Netflix.

The app's features extend beyond just the ability to make product wish-lists. For the to-do driven list maker, Springpad provides the ability to create task and check lists as well create notebooks, such as "Team Project for Work," and share them with others to collaborate on projects.

Is it easy to install?: Yes. Download Springpad, create a login, and go.

Should I try it?: Springpad will remind users of Pinterest in that it caters to those who rely on images to help them stay organized, and the concept of creating and sharing "notebooks" seems a lot like Evernote. However, through it's easy-to-use layout and effort to provide you with relevant data about items you've saved, such as when that book you've been dying to read goes on sale, Springpad sets itself apart making it a nice option for those looking for an intelligent way to stay organized.

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