What Will the Royal Baby Look Like?
VIDEO: Gender, weight and looks are subjects of speculation as Kate Middletons due date draws near.

Will the soon-to-be-born royal baby be a girl with the Duchess of Cambridge's long, flowing hair? Or will the heir-to-be be a boy with the athletic build of his father, Prince William?

Those are the questions keeping royal watchers and commoners alike fascinated as the countdown to the royal baby's birth builds.

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Royal watchers are so eagerly anticipating the mid-July due date of Kate, 31, that they have started generating images of the future monarch. The results of mashing Kate and William's features together range from the adorable to the awkward.

Is This the Face of the Future Child of Prince William and Kate?

"If it's a boy, we think it's going to have the fair British skin and larger ears, which are very traditional in the Royal Family," said Rosie Pope, the London-born creator of Rosie Pope Maternity and a contributing editor to Parents' magazine.

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Royal watchers say the baby is unlikely to have the blonde hair of its paternal grandmother, the late Princess Diana, because light hair is a recessive, not a dominant trait. The baby could still inherit some of his or her grandmother's world-renowned looks, however.

"Obviously Princess Diana was very slender and they're also qualities that Kate and William have as well," said Victoria Murphy, consultant for ABC News and royal reporter for the U.K.'s Daily Mirror.

Pittsburgh-based artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm took the guessing game of Kate and William's offspring one step further by enlisting the aid of a geneticist to help him render what a male and female heir might look like.

Using Will and Kate's dominant traits as a guide, Lamm says the child is likely to have Kate's almond-shaped eyes, dark hair and dark skin. From Prince William the young heir will inherit his lips and nose, according to Lamm, the same nose genetically carried through the line of the baby's male relatives, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Prince Harry, the baby's great-grandfather, grandfather and uncle, respectively.

Another trait the lucky royal heir is predicted to inherit? Kate's dimples, experts say, as dimples are also a dominant trait.

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