AEI's Michael Rubin: Obama 'Double-Dealing' on Egypt
PHOTO: ABC News This Week Roundtable

ABC News

Below you can find some of the notable comments made Sunday on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos." Our roundtable guests included ABC News' George Will, ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz, Washington Post associated editor and columnist David Ignatius, the American Enterprise Institute's Michael Rubin, ABC News' Cokie Roberts, ABC News contributor and Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, and ABC News Political Director Rick Klein.

Rubin says that Obama's Egypt policy creates distrust and anti-Americanism

RUBIN: The criticism I have of the administration is all too often it seems that President Obama is like a blackjack player who only wants to place his bet once he sees all the other cards on the table. And rather than studied neutrality, the impression Egyptians get is that we're always double-dealing for the other side, so every faction in Egypt assumes we're working against them, and that ultimately creates an undercurrent of anti-Americanism.

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