Man's Job Application Leads to Robbery Arrest
PHOTO: Anthony Thomas, seen here in this undated mugshot, was arrested on July 9, 2013 after filling out a job application at a Citgo station in Ocala, Fla. and proceeding to rob the store.

A man is accused of robbing a gas station in Ocala, Fla., just after leaving a job application with his name and contact information.

Anthony Thomas, 33, is allegedly in a surveillance video taken at Martin Oil on Tuesday. Police allege that Thomas left a job application at the station and then stole money from a drawer while an employee was not looking.

(Image credit: Marion County Jail)

Sgt Angy Scroble, with the Ocala Police Department, said Thomas was a "regular" at the gas station.

After Thomas left, an employee noticed the money was missing and called police to describe him, informing them that he had just submitted a job application, police said. Patrol units began to look for the suspect, who was spotted a few blocks from the store a short time later, and was arrested after what police described as a struggle, police said.

"They went to confront him, he fled, and there was a short pursuit," Scroble said, adding that no one was injured.

"I did not go into no cash register to get no money," Thomas said after his arrest, the Ocala StarBanner reported. "I didn't rob no store."

Scroble said Thomas denied stealing from the station. According to Scroble, the gas station said $130 was missing, but Thomas "was found to still have $86 and change in his pockets," she said.

Thomas was arrested and charged with one count of burglary, one count of retail petit theft, and one count of resisting with violence. It is not known if he has obtained an attorney.

He remains in Marion County Jail with a bond amount of $8,500, according to Marion County Jail records. His scheduled court appearance is Aug. 13.

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