J Lawrence: Don't Make a Sex Tape If You Want to Succeed
PHOTO: Jennifer Lawrence

(Photo credit: Petroff/Dufour/Getty Images)

If one young star has figured out how to make it in Hollywood, it's Jennifer Lawrence. (After all, she won an Oscar at 22!)

Now, the "Hunger Games" star is passing on her secrets of success to actress Shailene Woodley, who's at Comic-Con to promote "Ender's Game" and "Divergent" - adaptations some have touted as "the next 'Hunger Games."

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"I have yet to meet Jennifer in the flesh," Woodley, 21, told Vanity Fair, "but I had a slight interaction with her where I asked her about 'Hunger Games' and what it was like, and her life and how much it changed."

Woodley said that Lawrence told her, "It will be the best thing that ever happened. But don't be an idiot [and] do a sex tape, do drugs. And go to Whole Foods when your movie opens."

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Lawrence is currently filming 'X-Men: Days of Future Past," and knows a thing or two about how major franchises can affect one's life.

"It was nice asking someone who has been through the process and is kind of seasoned in the young-adult franchise," Woodley added. "She gave me really beautiful advice and said that I should definitely take it."

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