Couple's Wedding Invitation Goes Viral
PHOTO: Katie Kerr and Chris Sabinos wedding invitation

Katie Kerr and Chris Sabino's wedding invitation

A Chicago couple's wedding invitation went viral on Wednesday, briefly surpassing the royal baby in popularity.

"My phone really started blowing up after it got put on MSN," Katie Kerr, of Chicago, Ill., told ABC station WLS-TV. "It was even ahead of the royal baby."

She and her husband, Chris Sabino, made guests check off their reason for attending or not attending their wedding in a clever RSVP.

Guests who planned on attending their wedding could say they were coming because "Two words: Free. Booze," or "I'm in your wedding party, idiot. Wait, is this optional?"

And guests who expressed their regrets did so because "I'm lame. On a scale of one to ten, my lameness would be in the 9.5 to 9.8 range."

"We wanted to have fun with it," Kerr said.

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