Cops Discover Car With Built-In Pool
PHOTO: This car, converted into a drivable pool, was stopped by police in Eibenstock, eastern Germany in this picture provided by Chemnitz Police on June 23, 2013.

Polizei Chemnitz/AP Photo

Police in a small East German town were caught off guard when they reportedly spotted this particularly cool car earlier this week - an open-top BMW filled to the brim with water.

On Sunday, in the town of Blauenthal, Germany, about 155 miles south of Berlin, a motorcycle officer was dumbfounded when he came across the mobile pool cruising down the road.

The officer said that he saw four men, including the driver, splashing in the water, The Associated Press reported.

When the men saw that they had been spotted by the officer, they hopped out of their makeshift mobile pool and high-tailed it into a nearby river, according to the AP. Chemnitz police spokesman Frank Fischer said that one man returned to grab his clothes.

Fischer said the vehicle itself "probably didn't have a road permit."

He said Thursday that investigators are still probing the incident, and whether the driver was drunk.

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